Thursday, May 27, 2010


This sweet little babe said Mama today clearly for the first time!

Today didn't exactly go as planned...

Each morning here lately, I have been writing To Do List s of what i would like to get done for the day. Today, only 2/10 things got done... My sweet Riley has not stopped talking since 8am, and I have even lost my cool (it's not cool in our house by any means with the ac broken) and told her to SHUT UP! something i have never done. I think the heat is just making me so short fused. We are still waging the war of nap time. Today i told her absolutely that she had to take a nap, because she has shown desperate signs of needing one all day. She has been in there since 1, and it is almost 3. Raigan didn't fall asleep for about 30 minutes of being in her crib either, i think the heat is getting to them too.

I have tried multiple things to get to lay down and close her eyes:

First she loses privlages:

She lost tv/computer time

She lost going to Silverlake this evening to swim/play

I threatened her that she will stay in there until bed time until she takes a nap

(each time i go in there i place her back in her bed also)

and now she is losing toys, each time i go into her room, i take away a toy...

the last time i went in she asked if i was going to take her underwear too and i had to bite my lip before leaving so i didn't laugh infront of her.

This could go on all day...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Parky's Farm

(photographs taken from Park's Farm's Website)

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Since I have finished school for this semester (thank God) I have been home with the girls full time, because they don't have hours for me at work, which I LOVE!! I have tried to implement a schedule for the girls, because kids need structure, it makes them feel safe and secure and know what is happening next. So nap time is from 1 to 2pm. Raigan has no issue with it, and literally fell asleep within 30 seconds of me swaddling her, giving her the pacifier, and putting her down in her bed. Riley on the other hand... has been out of her room about 10 times within the hour... ugh. i don't make her sleep cause how can you make a toddler go to sleep? but she needs to play quietly in her room. We're still working on it :)
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