Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pick your own Strawberry Patch

Of all of us the things on our Summer Bucket List this has been my favorite so far for sure.

Earlier in the week we had drove nearly an hour north of Cincinnati to go to a pick your own fruit farm only to find out that they don't allow children in the fields. I was pretty ticked, but we moved on and found a place even closer to home and south instead of north.

This place was a small family farm that had a huge field of strawberries for the girls to frolic in.

I love that they love to wear butterfly wings to places like farms.

To top off the super fun afternoon we ate the sweetest, most delicious ripe strawberries I have every eaten sold to us from the cutest grandma in the whole world. I love that my girls are meeting new people and leaning about where food really comes from and how much sweeter it can be.

Monday, June 3, 2013


So... I get these ideas in my mind of fun adventures and things to do with my girls. Sometimes I romanticize them and get this picture of a beautiful summer evening of stargazing in my head. We are laying on a quilt, the quilt that my kids will remember as the constant of their childhood, and we will look at stars and planets and enjoy the breeze of a June Saturday night in a state park.

But then reality sets in and the storm clouds roll in:

About an hour north of Cincinnati there is a park that stays open till 11pm and is far enough outside of the city lights that makes it optimal for looking a the sky (when it's clear skies of course). Stonelick Park offers free stargazing every Saturday with help from the Cincinnati Observatory. You can find information here:

The clouds gave break enough for us to enjoy our bucket of chicken under a shelter and to explore the park, lake, and beach a little.

We will try again and have that romantic night under the stars that I had envisioned another Saturday, but this was a fun memory none the less.

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