Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Off on an Adventure We Go

I had a birthday a few weeks ago. I'm a young mother at the ripe old age of 25. I didn't take the typical path in life that some do. I couldn't image being an older mother though, because I'm young and my kids wipe me out most days. I'm sure there are older mothers out there though overflowing with energy and would put me to shame. I'm pretty sure this stream of consciousness is going to go somewhere, so stick with me. Last week I was home with my girls, off from work, worn out and wanting nothing more than to lay in my bed all day in a quiet, chilly (but not cold) house, under my covers and watch hours of mindless America's Next Top Model seasons or Gray's Anatomy reruns. I would maybe order some Thai food and lay in my bed and eat it. Doesn't that sound like the most lazy, fabulous day? I guess that says a lot about me. haha

Instead of laying in a cozy bed, I awoke to a quiet morning where my girls had not yet woke and make myself  a cup of coffee. I reminded myself, perhaps more than once, that I'm a young mom full of energy. I thought about my dream date with myself, but quickly realized that I had way more important things to do with my free hours of that day.

My girls straggled into the kitchen (it's still new that Raigan get out of her new big girl bed without assistance and it couldn't make me more happy that she's growing in her independence because she glows when she accomplishes something for herself) groggy eyed and with bed hair. I hurried them to eat their breakfast and promised them an adventure. Things are always more fun when you call them an adventure. Instead of going to the grocery, we're on an adventure to find food! Sounds much more exciting.

So after their quick bite and a shuffle to get dressed off we were well before noon, which frankly is unheard of around here on off days.

We crossed the bridge and Raigan was whinning because I told her no when she asked if we were going to the play place at the mall. Riley joined in and I told them we were going to a bookstore. Not just any bookstore, a fabulous children's bookstore that reminds you of The Shop Around the Corner in You've Got Mail.

I love exploring our city for things and places that are unique and one of a kind. Places that you can't find in any given city in our country. The Blue Manatee is one of those amazing places. My girls have a love for books that I would like to take at least partial credit for instilling in them and what more fun of a place to visit than here.

The store is scattered with unique artwork, displays, benches, and reading nooks very appropriate for feeding little one's imaginations the creative fuel they need.

They have a great selection of children's books, educations materials, classics, chapter books, and on and on.

They also have a cafe that sells all vegan selections. Their website offers a schedule of activities going on at the bookstore as well, like French Story time.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I suppose everyone has their perceptions of all the different types of schooling. There is public school, private school, home school, catholic school, charter schools, board schools, and whatever others I can't think of. So when you think about your child and their education it can get overwhelming. As my girls' mother I feel like it's my responsibility to research all of the options and find the best one for my girls. I've given a lot of thought to homeschooling. I love teaching my girls and I think I know them better than anyone and their strengths, things they need to work on, the best way that they learn, and so on.

I get insecure though and think that maybe I do know those things and can work with their teachers to facilitate the best type of learning for them and to leave the work to the professionals. I mean, I would find it a little strange if Riley's kindergarten teacher tried to tell me how to nurse patients.

Currently we just do fun workbooks and activities that my girl enjoys. We color, do sight words, put together puzzles of the United States and talk about how many 5 nickles and 3 pennies are. I think it is super important for my girl to socialize too because it's her personality and being around others feeds her so soul like it does mine. After thinking a ton about it, Hub and I decided to register Riley for a private Catholic grade school at the parish we belong to. She will start half day Kindergarten in the fall, and I am thinking about home schooling her the afternoon. There is a homeschooling convention coming in April, and I think I may have convinced Hub, whom is very skeptical of homeschooling, just to check it out. I am worried though that I will confuse her and be overloading her with too many things and different teaching styles, but I think it will all be worked out and just take some communication between her teacher and I.

Where ever our path of life takes us, I'm sure things will fall into place exactly as they should. In the mean time, we are going to have fun learning at home because this is such a fun and exciting age, and Riley is enjoying it. Raigan is also working on coloring and recognizing the different letters, both capital and lower case, and has mastered her ABCs.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Our last compeition of the season! 1st Place!

Our season for Kentucky All Stars came to an end and they are having their end of the season party here soon. The girls had an awesome season as they received 1st place at each of their competitions in their age group. Winning wasn't the only part to be proud of though; the girls improved so much from the start of the season and worked so hard. They developed friendships, built skills, and learned the lesson that hard work pays off. I love cheerleading and I'm glad my girl loves it too.

Here is my girl in her back right corner doing her liberty.

And her arabesque.

Here is her team and their round offs.

Tuck jumps to front rolls.

Getting ready for their pyramid.

And here is my girl as the center-point flyer. If only I can get her to smile when she hits her builds. She says she gets nervous, God love her.

I'm a little sad to see this season come to an end, but excited for the next season of rec to start here in a few months. I will be coaching Riley's squad again and Raigan is going to start this season just like Riley did when she was just a wee little one too. It's super cute to listen to Raigan do 8 counts and cheers, she's so into it and talks about Riley's competitions often.

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