Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Raigan's Down on the Farm Birthday in the making

I thoroughly enjoy planning my little girls birthday parties. It's my favorite hobby to do and I usually spend the months preceding their birthdays collecting things related to the theme. I also keep a tote in the garage of times of parties past and recycle the things I can to use in party after party.

These are the things I have collected so far for Raigan's 2nd birthday themed Down of the Farm. I love collecting things all year round because it's fun and because I can buy things that are cheap, on sale, or on clearance. Instead of rushing at the end and paying whatever price without shopping around.

Like these cow printed finds from the 80% off section at Hobby Lobby, one of my favorite places to shop for party things. I paid a little under $10 for both of these great things.

I have started the color combination of white and black, red, and yellow which are fun primary colors for a 2 year old and go with the cow, barn, farm theme. I found this red beverage bucket for $8 at Dollar General, I saw the same one and wanted it at Target, but didn't want to pay nearly double the for it. I did find these really cute corn on the cob holders at the dollar section of Target.

I found these food baskets and table cloths at Dollar General as well, they were only $1.50. I also found the paper liners to go in the baskets on clearance at Walmart for $2.00 for 50 of them. These really cute paper straws came from an Etsy shop for a couple dollars for 50 of them, I'm hoping to find some cheap mason jars to use them with. This apple basket I scoured the internet to find some cheap ones, but came out unsuccessful, and then I went and found them half off at Hobby Lobby for just $1.50.

I'm really excited about all these finds, and I'm really excited for my little one to have a fun themed birthday party.

And just for the sake of keeping it real, I worked really hard to take these pictures while trying to keep up with a little toddler that this party is for.

Argyle socks and polka dots would only look good on a cute little one. 

And cute little pink ruffle shorts. 

And the mess my little love leaves behind. 


  1. For the mason jars, you might try a flea market/antique shop/junk store. They won't all match, of course, but isn't that part of the farm theme? Enjoy!

  2. Our Walmart had a case of mason jars on sale I think you could get 8 for like $7.50. So maybe check in the canning section of your walmart. You are such a great party planner.


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