Thursday, February 23, 2012

Art Party Planning

I was reading through my blog the other day looking back at old posts, and I have really fell off the blogging bandwagon. Over the summer I blogged all the time and I loved going back and rereading and remembering those memories. I need to get on it.

So I passed my state boards two Mondays ago and I was desperately naive and thought it would be the last nursing test I would have to take ever again in my life (unless I myself, chose to go back to school). I thought I was free, but I was wrong. I have been in nursing orientation for two days and have already had to take two tests. The instructors could read my face like a flashing read sign, because as soon as they made the announcement and glanced at me, they proceeded by reassuring us that it was really nothing to worry about.Only that you could only miss one answer on one of the tests, and the other being timed with a lot more questions than minutes. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the profession of nursing will forever hold tests and that it will always create some degree of stress in my life. If I show up tomorrow and have to take another test though I'm not going to be cool with it, because I should probably be studying or something instead of blogging. Story of my life.

It is very nice to have all this additional free time instead of writing papers or schoolwork and our family is adjusting to the new routines and changes we've being experiencing. I have had more time to do things I enjoy like planning Riley's 5th birthday party. I cannot believe that this will be her 5th one. I sound like a broken record but time just travels at warp speed. Here is a little sneak peak of the party planning I've been doing.

Can you tell what any of it is? We are having a Rainbow Paint/Art party for her 5th birthday.

I am a little obsessed with the party favors and may just keep them all for myself to swoon over.

Also to update on our family's leap of faith. It did work out for us and although my husband did not get the job he interviewed for that I talked about him having the interview for, he was hired for another one and started this week. He's working normal hours again that works so much better for our family than what he was working and now gets the whole weekend off. Such a blessing for us. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm so happy to get started on spending our weekend as a family together. 


  1. We did an art party last fall for my 7 year old. It was TONS of fun! If you want my cake recipe, I'll happily share it. On the outside it looked like a simple white cake with rainbow candles. Inside were 6 brightly colored, DELICIOUS, layers of cake. Oh man it was good! And Ella loved how pretty it was, too.

    For the activity, I bought each child a canvas (got them 50% off at "the Lobby") and let them go to town with paint. I covered our huge table with a vinyl tablecloth and butcher paper then used crayons as a centerpiece. Worked wonders for waiting for cake, et.

    Also, did a cute thing with their Sprite that they really enjoyed. Let me know what I can do to help.

    erin dot miller dot ky at gmail.


  2. I am doing an art party for my daughter next month too. What size canvases did you buy? We bought 8x10 canvas panels and wondering if I should have gone up one size?


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