Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter 2013

We have our annual Easter Egg Hunt party with the girls' cousins. I love Easter and it's my favorite holiday. I think I mention that every Easter, but it never changes. I love that it's the start of spring and something new. I love that these kids will have a tradition that they will forever remember also. It's amazing to see the bigs that were once littles helping the little ones out.

The annual Easter egg dying, always chaotic and always fun.

The food setup, or what is left of it rather:

For our egg hunt each year we hide a key in one of the eggs and the finder of the key gets a large chocolate bar or bunny or some kind of large prize; this is this years:

We take this picture every year and they all change so much:

The finder of the key:

When I was a little girl as young as I can remember I used to help my mom purchase things for Easter baskets and make them. I was the 3rd and last child of the family so the secret of the Easter bunny and Santa didn't last. I still love carrying on this tradition with my girls and they think the Easter Bunny really does hide their basket every year.

The iced coffee is what the Easter Bunny brought for me:

Happy Easter my girls, I hope you enjoy every minute of your childhood.

I hope to start a new Easter tradition by putting a Reds shirt or some kind of merchandise in their Easter basket for Opening Day.

Happy Easter 2013!

Thursday, March 7, 2013


My kids and their books:

I love bookstores. It doesn't matter if it's a national chair or a mom and pop (those I do love more, though). I hope that there is a whole category of my girls' childhood memory that holds the hours we spend in bookstores. 

I had a short moment of envy when we were in this particular bookstore because I wanted to purchase every single children's book there for my kids library, but obviously do not have the means to do that.  Short after, I soon realized that my girls already  have a good portion of the books from our many "you can pick out one book to purchase" trips. I also thought about how beautiful these books on these shelves are with their nice clean covers and fresh spines that aren't yet worn, but there's something to be said about our books at home. They show that they have been held, read, played with, read again many of times and there is a beauty just as beautiful to the worn, tattered books in my girls library.

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