Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

It's a lot for one mama to take all these big changes in her little's childhoods, but I guess it doesn't matter if it's a lot or not. Life goes on anyway. My littlest little started her preschool year today, she's still in the 2s classroom, but seems so much older to me and a baby all at the same time.

Raigan was really excited to head back to school and rejoin all of her friends that she left in the spring. She loves her school and her teachers, but apparently did not like what they served for lunch because I got a report that she was throwing them some dirty looks and rolling her eyes when they asked her to at least try a bite. It gave me a good laugh, because I knew exactly which one of her looks they were talking about.

The driving we do in a day has increased tenfold since we are going to two different schools that are no longer anywhere near our jobs, but it's what we think is best for our family. Hopefully the start of the school year will form a little more of a structure to our days and weeks.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Wow. We are actually here. I've given this day a lot of thought, but it came faster than it should have. Our first born is running with the big kids. She's a grade school-er now. I wanted to make her first day really special, so daddy and I took off work and we went to have breakfast at our favorite little coffee shop. Riley's choice was a large white doughnut and orange fruit smoothie.

I of course made her pose for a slew of first day of kindergarten pictures and she was very happy to oblige.
The theme of her classroom is owl, so we ran with it and got her an owl backpack, lunchbox, and pouch.

This is her, "Uh, Mom. I'm not really too sure about all this" face, which really surprised me. It took a little bit of effort for me to trade days at work so I could be there for her first day, and when telling people at work, I said she probably could care less that I'll be there, she'll just march right in there and own the place like she normally does and that being there was probably more for me than it was for her. Then this morning came, and she was very reserved and hit behind her dad while I embarrassed  (and had fun doing so!) myself and did the ToodieTa with her class. She did this song/dance in preschool and was never embarrassed by it, but I guess Kindergarten made her too cool. I think things fell into place though after we left, because she talked all morning about how she loved it.

She is so funny, when I was writing this post she asked how I took those pictures and in a suspicious voice said, "MOM! Did you take pictures through the window!?" and I laughed and replied, "Not this time." She knows me too well and my crazy antics to be the sentimental mom that I am.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Day in the Life

I think day in the life posts are so fun. It's a good way to remember what life really was like from day to day. Today, Friday, was a typical day for me.

3:20 am I wake up because I cannot sleep any longer due to working night shift. I embrace it and use the time to myself and to get a few things done.

3:30 get up and finally watch a show I've had DVRed for awhile and watch it in peace without interruption.

4:00 I get excited for an open day, but soon realize we have lots to do still before school starts. I begin to organize my day by making a To Do List. I also take all of my girls school papers, cheerleading papers, and my work schedule and fill everything in on my planner and Google calendar in my phone. I check emails and fill in other dates of things like a meeting for work, a required training class to volunteer at Riley's school for the upcoming year, first PTO meeting, etc.

5:00 I also organize, gather, and make copies of papers to later drop off at school. A few years ago I made a family binder. It's just a regular 2 inch binder with pocket sections in it for each member of our family. It hold important documents like our marriage license, birth certificates, immunization forms, etc. It has saved me so much time because now I don't have to search everywhere because all important things are in one place.

5:30 I look at our bills and pay some online, make notes of the ones that need to be paid other ways, and make our budget for the rest of the month.

5:45 I sneak into the girls room to grab their laundry without waking them up and throw a load in the washer.

6:00 Take a shower without interruption (the little things in life). Get myself dressed and ready for the day.

6:45  Change the load of laundry and put a new load in. Start to pick up the kitchen and the string of toys and little pink things that litter the floors.

7:15 Hub is up for work. He gets ready and we talk about what all is going on for the day and where everyone needs to be. He leaves for work.

8:00 I'm already tired again and sit down, watch some morning tv and read some blogs, search on Pinterest, and drink a cup of gasoline coffee. I bought these new Keurig coffee cups and it definitely was dark roast with more kick than espresso. I decide that I really need to cut coffee out of my life slowly.

8:30 Breakfast is started. I put some slices of bacon on the griddle, slice some kiwi, heat up some waffles from the day before, rinse some grapes, and make some scrambled eggs. As things are cooking I empty the dishwasher and load it again.

9:00 I wake the girls up to eat breakfast. They are reluctant, but come into the kitchen with their blankets in tow. Riley tells me she is not hungry and doesn't want to eat anything at all that I made for breakfast.We have a long discussion about how this is what we are having and that we are not going to eat anything else  until lunch time which is in a few hours. She takes a couple bites and we move on.

9:30 The girls get in the bathtub. We get dressed and I braid their hair after much deliberation of their hairstyle for the day. I am only expecting this to get worse as they age, but enjoy it, because I used to dream about having little girls and would fix my baby doll's hair, and now I have real babies of my own.

10:15 We finally make it out the door to go school shoe shopping.

10:30 We arrive at shoe store number one. I quickly become aggravated because every shoe I or the girls like they do not have in their size. Riley asks for those Sketcher ballerina shoes.  I explain to her at least 10 times that she is not allowed to wear those to school and that she must pick something else. I chase Raigan up and down the isles and curse advertisement and swear that Riley is never allowed to watch tv again. Raigan continues to dart and giggle. It's definitely time to leave.

10:50 Before entering the mall the girls and I have a talk about the appropriate way to act in a store. We also talk about how it's disrespectful to continue to ask for something when a parent has already told them no multiple times. I contemplate taking the stroller in or just chasing the girls down myself and decide the later would be easier. We look at lots of shoe stores and not many have large selection of toddler sizes. The girls finally choose a pair and we stop by Claire's to find a 9x11 inch pouch, open at the top, and with a long strap that Riley needs as one of her supplies. Crazy specific, but we find this cute owl one.

12:00 We drop papers off to the school office.

12:15  Off to Target we head to find the rest of our school supplies we need and a different backpack, because the owl one we have does not fit folders or notebooks. Boo.

1:00 We are back home and have lunch. They requests eating cinnamon rolls for lunch and  I oblige and offer them fruits and veggies on the side.

1:30 My dad arrives to sit with the girls during nap time so I can go to a hair appointment. Raigan is down for a nap and Riley is in her room and plays quietly. I head out to the salon. I talk to my husband about our shopping experience and whatever else while he is on his lunch break.

2:00 I get to the salon and it's my lucky day because they have free Greater's Ice Cream for all their clients. I indulged in a container of chocolate chocolate chip, get my hair done, cut, and feel like a new woman.

4:00 I get back home. Raigan is still napping and Riley gets dressed for cheerleading practice.

5:00 We head to the gym for cheerleading.

5:15 Hub gets to the gym to pick Raigan up so I can coach without supervising a toddler at the same time. The girls do a fabulous job at the gym and we make big progress in our routine for our first competition in October. I'm exhausted.

7:10 Practice is over and we head home.

7:30 We get home and eat dinner my dad had made for us in the crock-pot, so wonderful of him.

I do not get everything done on my To Do List, but it's not the end of the world. I will try again tomorrow because I can do a lot, but I cannot due it all. I end the day and call it a success.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I love summertime. It's by far my favorite time of the year. I was built for sunshine, warm days, and water. I love that the sun is up when I get up and lingers well into bedtime.

With that being said though, I am kind of welcoming the start of the school year and the season of oranges and reds. I desperately need some routine and consistency in my life right now. I hope school schedules will regulate that a little more. Right now each week is different and each day has it's own routine that never mimics the one before.

Cheerleading and football season is in full swing and will most likely dominate our lives for the next 2 months, but it's so fun. It's so fun because both of my girls are cheering this year and it's really special to see the progress they have already made in the few weeks since we've started.

 With the start of the school year, I've been giving a lot of thought to food. I want to be better at planning our meals, something I get on and and fall off the bandwagon often. I want to use Sundays as a day to get all of our food bought and plan for the week. I want to have breakfast ideas, after school snacks, and easy, quick dinner ideas. I'm on the Pinterest hunt for those things.

I tend to look at our life in phases and a few phase will begin next week. I don't have it all figured out yet and everything ready, because who knew how much work went into send a little one to school for a few hours a day, but I'm really excited for it and all the fun and new experiences it's going to bring. Riley has this about me poster that I'm pretty excited to help her fill out for the first day of school. It brings back so many memories of my childhood and I'm so blessed to be remembering mine with these little girls. 

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