Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Little Girl and Her Big Girl Bed

When Raigan was a newborn the girls and I took a trip to Ikea with my friends. I had Riley in one of the carts and Raigan snuggling me in a Moby Wrap. My friends joked that I looked like Obi won kenobi and I was still intoxicated by a newborn scent, I was in love with motherhood and enjoying a day out with my girls and besties. We made our way through the huge network of the store and when we came to the children's section  the clouds parted, the angles sang, and I saw the most beautiful toddler bed in the entire world. We had just bought Riley a twin size bed to match a bedroom set so buying it for her wasn't practical. The idea of putting my newborn in it did pass through my mind for just a second haha. It just wasn't meant to be, but maybe one day.

That one day came aa my climbing toddler was outgrowing her crib. It came at a perfect time too because my cousin who had parted ways with their baby things were surprised with an unexpected third blessing and was in need of a crib. We made our way a few weekends ago to Ikea this time with a toddler and preschooler and picked up the toddler bed I had been dreaming of giving my Raigan for two years now.

This is my still-little girl in her big girl bed:

It's so beautiful with it's little swirls and it's the perfect size. Not only is it a toddler bed, it expands into a twin size bed to grow with Raigan.

She loves it as much as I do and calls it her new big girl bed.

The girls are growing up really quickly and those newborn days are just a distant memory now that I try to think about often so they don't fade away. I love where we are in our lives right now with their ages though. They have a really nice balance of still being needy of their mother, but independent enough to go off and build their characters (with supervision of course). I cannot wait for this summer to enjoy time with my growing independent girls. It's a bitter sweet feeling, but I am choosing to focus on the sweet parts of it all.

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