Sunday, November 21, 2010

Baby Shower!

My sister in law's baby shower was today!

The bedding they had on their registry was nautical themed, so I thought they would like to have their baby shower that theme too! (and I secretly wish I had a little boy and loooove the nautical theme)

Marth Stewart 1-Inch Punch CircleI found these cupcake toppers from this site, Tulsa Details printed them at Fed Ex Kinkos and used a 2' circle craft punch kind of like this one: Martha Stewart 1-Inch Punch Circle Then I hot glued them to candy sticks I picked up. They were probably my favorite decoration.

My mother in law made chicken salad and we had them on croissants and a ton of other food.

I used a scallop craft punch to cut out some sailboat scrapbook paper and then secured the silverware with them using a hot glue gun I recycled the bucket that I used for the girl's cheerleading party.

We played a game called "My Water Broke!" where there is an ice cube with a little baby in it and whoever can get the baby to float freely and then they yell out, "My Water Broke!" I thought it would take the entire duration of the party for these babies (pun intended) to melt, but it took like 20 minutes. Crazy. 

Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting MachineI made the banner using the teaching cutters at the library at school since I don't have a Cricut 29-0001 Personal Electronic Cutting Machine but it turned out really well I thought!

I made a diaper cake too! I used a tutorial I found on You Tube! and it was relatively easy once I had all the supplies. Riley kept asking me if we could eat it. haha

I am in love with this photograph.

And this one! Can't you just hear the laughter? I can.

What a cute baby! She must have cute parents. 

I love this photograph too. I think I have been in too many photography critiques, but this photo just has  a glow about it, like a pregnancy glow.

Brace yourself for the next one... you may just die it's so sweet....

Raigan LOVED baby cooper and she kept holding his hand. I thought I was going to melt when I captured this one.

Rock out baby boy, I hope you and your mama and papa had fun at your shower. I really enjoyed it!


  1. You did an awesome job on the shower decorations!! Everything is so adorable! Love the diaper cake...that is so cool! Your photos turned out so great too. Ok...yes, the shot of the babies holding hands...absolutely adorable and precious!

  2. Thanks for an excellent shower, Megan! You really delivered the full package. Location, delicious treats, super cute decorations AND a photographer? A sister-in-law couldn't ask for more.


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