Thursday, March 4, 2010

So Fast

Our lives are so fast paced right now, I can't even stop to think. Today the girls had a well check up and both of them had to get shots :( I promised Riley ice cream after, and we went to UDF, i cannot believe still that i spent $2.50 on an ice cream cone! (who knew it was that expensive!) I could have bought a half gallon for what I paid for 2 scoops. After that i had to run home to pump and then took the girls down to my moms for a couple hours while i went to school and studied with some nursing girls for my final tomorrow. I rushed to pick the girls back up to make it to Riley's swim lesson at Silverlake on time. She loves the water (but we already knew that) and cried to stay and swim, but of course we can't because we don't belong... yet. Brandon and I have been talking about taking a tour and finding out more about joining, cause it is just such an awesome place. Brandon took the girls to the library, and I'm supposed to be studying, but took a break instead to blog. I take my MedSurg final tomorrow, then it's a week off for me for Spring Break. I cannot believe that I'm half way through this semester.

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