Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hopefully I'm Back

I wold love to get back to blogging and posting more often that I have been.

On Friday morning I passed the most important test of my life and now my life can go back to just normal crazy as appose to totally-crazy-stresstowhereithoughtiwasgoingtolooseit- kind of crazy. I will now for sure graduate and become an RN. The test I took is supposed to predict, based on your score, if you are going to pass state boards the first attempt. If you get a score of a 900 or above you have a 99% chance of passing boards the first attempt.

I got a 962.

When I saw the score I was pretty emotional because this test was literally life changing for me and if I hadn't passed the other two attempts given, I would not have graduated.

Talk about pressure.

But I got up really early, showered, put make up on because I convinced myself that it would make me even more confident, ate breakfast, a nice cup of coffee, and forced a smile on my face. When I felt my smile fade, I faked the heck out of it, and it really is effective at lifting one's mood.

In other aspects of life my girls are fabulous. Raigan is nearly Riley's size:

We have Kindergarten open house next week, and I'm not really sure how I feel about that. I cannot believe that my child is going to start her grades school career. I cannot wait though to see her in her little school uniform and for her to continue her love for school.

Even with school being really high stress we have managed to fit in some fall festivities. And as soon as I find that SD card with our apple pickin' pictures, I'll post them. And actually do it this time, unlike the time I said I was going to post pictures of a pumpkin cheesecake that I may or may not have eaten all of before I was able to take pictures of it.

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