Monday, February 27, 2012

My Perspective

I've been really trying to focus on positivity lately. It's not coming as easily as it should, but I'm forcing it. I've been trying to focus on things that make me happy. This makes me happy:

A cup of coffee in the morning and breakfast with my girls.
 When my girls wear matching pajamas.
 Relaxing mornings. 
My girls.

I also love shoes and I love a good deal. I met one of my girl friends a few days ago for coffee, that makes me happy. 

And after talking for a while decided to just go look around the department store next door. We of course gravitated to the shoe department like any women would and we saw racks and racks of shoes with large 65% off signs that hung above them. Designer shoes for crazy prices, we could hardly contain ourselves. And then there were take an additional 40% off the lowest sale price signs. I thought the sticker price already reflected the additional savings, but just to clarify I asked the very young sales guy and when he told us that it was an additional 40% off the sticker, we really couldn't contain ourselves and screamed. 

That makes me happy. 

We hid behind the racks and laughed belly aching laughs for a good 10 minutes because the young kid probably thought we were crazy. I then may or may not have purchased these three pairs of beautiful shoes. Please try not to judge that these material things bring me happiness, because it's true that they do.

Another thing that makes me happy is of course receiving fun things in the mail that don't have a pay by date on them. I have been planning Riley's birthday  and am so excited when these labels came in the mail today from this cute Etsy shop. I'm pretty obsessed and was going to wait to reveal all the details of the final party later this month after we have it, but I just can't wait. Here is one of the party favors:

I think I missed my calling as a child party planner and have already claimed the girls' childrens' party planning authorities. Happy Monday and hope you can focus on the things that make you happy.

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