Friday, March 23, 2012

Our last compeition of the season! 1st Place!

Our season for Kentucky All Stars came to an end and they are having their end of the season party here soon. The girls had an awesome season as they received 1st place at each of their competitions in their age group. Winning wasn't the only part to be proud of though; the girls improved so much from the start of the season and worked so hard. They developed friendships, built skills, and learned the lesson that hard work pays off. I love cheerleading and I'm glad my girl loves it too.

Here is my girl in her back right corner doing her liberty.

And her arabesque.

Here is her team and their round offs.

Tuck jumps to front rolls.

Getting ready for their pyramid.

And here is my girl as the center-point flyer. If only I can get her to smile when she hits her builds. She says she gets nervous, God love her.

I'm a little sad to see this season come to an end, but excited for the next season of rec to start here in a few months. I will be coaching Riley's squad again and Raigan is going to start this season just like Riley did when she was just a wee little one too. It's super cute to listen to Raigan do 8 counts and cheers, she's so into it and talks about Riley's competitions often.

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