Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 01

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

It's harder than one would think listing 15 facts about themselves...

1. I only have one ovary.
2. I want desperately to get an authentic Philly Cheese steak from Philadelphia.
3. I went to the grocery yesterday and save almost $40 with coupons on stuff that I had intentions of buying anyway. They even had healthy! bread coupons in the newspaper this Sunday.
4. I am going on a date with my husband tonight. I got him concert tickets for Valentine's Day.
5. I am writing this on a break in between my classes.
6. I only have a few more months of college left!
7. I found a bunch of my papers in the garage and was going to throw them away until I realized what they were... nursing process papers. I couldn't bring myself to do it because I have worked so damn hard to get where I am in this program.
8. I am not perfect and I can not do it all, but I do try my hardest to.
9. I wish I could save the world.
10. I am still desperately in love with my husband and way he fathers our children makes me fall even more in love with him every day.
11. Sometimes I bite my fingernails. I get grossed out too when I realize I'm doing it and think about all the germs I'm putting in my mouth.
12. I love when the UPS guy comes to our house! or the Fed Ex guy, or the US mailman, I don't discriminate.
13. I like pretty much every type of music from country to rap.
14. I love little girl hair bows and clothes and shoes.
15. I really want to make a few of my photos into a canvas to use as art in my house. That would be cool.

Until tomorrow :)


  1. thank you for sharing! you are an awesome person!

  2. aw, your facts are sweet :) I wish I could save the world world peace.


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