Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

I lost an NCLEX workbook that I have to do and I thought I was going to have to buy another copy and redo all the work, but then I found it.

Time has seemed to slow down all around me and I love it. The other day I didn't worry at all about being late, left late, dropped Raigan off at my mom's and there was no traffic and I made it to where I needed to be one time. It's was like I was in slow motion. I think I may have been watching too many phsych thrillers in my literature and film class. haha

I'm so excited that this semester is coming to an end and I'm a little bit closer to graduation. I have 4 more classes to take and one semester left before I get my BSN. I find it funny though that currently I am thinking I'd like to run away from nursing and pursue a career in photography. That's normal right? To think twice about what you have put the last 4+ years of your life into and what you feel so passionate about and makes your heart thump and makes you want to save the world? I think I'm just scared, because once I start it means I'm a true grown up. As if having a hub, 2 kids, and a mortgage doesn't make me a grown up. I'll come around I'm sure.

I've been thinking so much about traveling lately and wished I had a million dollars and the courage to drop everything and travel the world with my family for a year or even more. We are going back to South Carolina in a few weeks and it couldn't come soon enough. I'm craving beach time and getting the hell out of dodge.

In my workout class this evening I thought my thighs literally going to fall off and then when we were swimming someone had an accident in the pool. When we go up to our community center is feels like we're packing for a week for the 4 of us.

I have hardly taken any pictures this past week and I feel like apart of me is missing, but here are some from a week or two ago when I took pictures of my best friend for her graduation announcements. We met on the tire swing on our childhood street and have been friends ever since. She's graduating this May and I couldn't be happier for her!


  1. Great pictures!!!!!! Congrats on your upcoming accomplishment. You have a beautiful family.

  2. great photos of your friend. I especially love the first one that's black and white...it is so pretty!!


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