Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The Lord has risen!

Our Easter festivities began Friday night when hub and i turned our kitchen into an egg boiling factory. I had 7 dozen eggs that got a lot of the stares at the grocery, like people didn't know it was Easter or something haha. We ended up having 11 kids, so I did what any problem solving mama would do and cut the dozens in half and gave each kid 6 instead of 12.

I had a ton of these plastic tumbler cups left over from Riley's strawberry shortcakes and used them for the egg dye cups and these cute veggie shooters I have seen a few places now:

The Easter party was very impromptu and I used stuff from my Easter tote that was full of clearance buys from last year and things I have accumulated over the past few years. I made a quick stop by Kroger Friday night and picked up some snacks and voila:

These little containers I found at the dollar tree a few months ago and they were like 3/$1 or something crazy. I have a thing for party containers. 

We had pink lemonade, but I didn't realize how the use of fresh lemons is for garnishment purposes only haha because I put them in the night before and the lemonade the next day was sour! I had to dump a ton more lemonade mix in haha. Ya live and ya learn I guess.

I had a pretty impressive egg dying station going on too if I must say so. 

Cutie Raigan and my sweet mother in law. 

Riley actually letting me take her picture! 

It stopped raining for about a 45 minute window that allowed us to do the egg hunt outside. We did the younger kids in the front and the older kids in the backyard, which worked out so well. 

Here are my sweet girls from today. I was very reserved on their Easter baskets this year, because the holiday just snuck up on me so fast. It was actually really nice though, not going overboard like I usually do on the holidays.

We watched a cartoon version of the Passion today too. Riley was really interested and went and got her children's Bible to follow along, it was really cute. I'm glad that she is starting to understand that the egg dying and hunting are fun and all, but Jesus dying on the cross is the real reason we celebrate.


  1. Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a great day! Happy Easter!!

  2. Wow! That was some egg dyeing party you had there! That is awesome! The cupcakes were so beautiful, so colorful. are making me want a drink of that pink lemonade! I love the container for serving the lemonade. I have been really thinking about getting one of those. I've seen a couple of them here and there...I just gotta have one!


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