Friday, May 6, 2011

I need a cleaning lady

Once upon a time before children I was a clean lady. I always had a clean house and would vacuum my apartment almost daily. I would clean out my car religiously and it always had a nice air freshener or Febreze, I love the smell of Febreze.

Fast forward a few years and two little girls later and now I'm a messy person. My house is messy and so is my car, and regardless of how much I try to stay afloat, I drown. I'm sure that moms that have more than two children are reading this and laughing at me, but when did it all get so messy? When did little tiny pink clothes and toys and shoes and whatever else take over? I must have been relaxing and sleeping in that day.

Also back in that once upon a time I had this vow to myself that before I would go on any vacation I would leave my house sparking clean, that way when I returned it wouldn't be to a messy house with lots of things to do.

That got thrown out of the window I suppose?. I have been my type A (can I still claim that I'm a type Aer if my house is so chaotic and disorganized?) diligent self about packing though. I made lists and then lists for my lists and the girls have been packed for days now and tonight everything is packing in the car already for our beach vacation. This was a much better approach than my just make a huge pile of all the crap I think we'll need and throw it in some bags the way I did when we went to Baltimore earlier this year.

We'll make it one way or another. :)

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  1. Meg, I completely know how you feel. My house is always messy...there are always dishes to do, and laundry to do. I really, really wish I could stay on top of it..but I can't! I also feel the same way that people with more than 2 kids think I'm ridiculous when they have 5 kids and think it would be so easy for me to keep my house clean. It really frustrates me and I always feel guilty. i just don't understand why I am not better at it!


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