Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What are the rules of blogging? Is there a rule maker? Am I allowed to blog about only the good stuff and the fun parties or am I allowed to blog about the bad stuff too? The times where I have bad days, or hit a rough patch in my marriage, or when my brain cannot fit one more thing in it?

I can?

Okay, great. I may just have to change the name of my blog though because it seems to be all about me lately and less about my girls, but whatever there are no rules of blogging right?

Sometimes I think it would just be easier to be told what to do in life. Be given instructions for every single situation you are faced with. I would love this. I would love to not have to use my mind for one day and over analyze every single possible outcome of every choice I make.

A few weeks ago, heck, maybe it was a few months ago (that's how overloaded my brain is currently) I was at the store looking for cleaning products. I'm at least 5 minutes into looking at every single option thinking about what surfaces each product can clean, the ounces per cost, what I needed it for, if I would make use of the whole thing or just use it one time.....

when all of the sudden!

A man walks down the isle, takes literally a 5 second glance, picks up a product and makes his way to the register.

How freaking freeing is that? To just pick up something without thinking about it. It's genius.

I spent a good chunk of my evening researching homeschooling and all the regulations in our state, the pros and cons, the cost, curriculum, and on and on. Now I'm thinking I should just send my girls to public school and not think anymore into it.

I wish I could be that fly by the seat of my pants, let go of the little things, take no more than 5 seconds to pick out some Scrub n Bubbles, relaxed person, but I just don't think it's in my personality.

On another note, it is now officially summer for me. I do feel very free and was very appreciative that I did not have to be in a Simulation Lab at 8am, even though I did really like that class. We had simulators; life sized dummies that have blood pressures, blink, talk, have pulses, etc that we learned on. It was humorous at times and hard at others, especially when I was playing the role of the charge nurse and two of the simulators coded at the same time. It was pretty hard to do chest compressions one right after another, but really fun at the same time. I think nursing is a perfect fit for me since you have to analyze and over analyze everything about everything.

Lord help us all when I try to plan our trip to Disney next summer, talk about a million and one options and decisions to make.

Hopefully with the semester coming to an end I'll be able to relax a bit more, especially when we're at the beach next week, I can't wait!

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  1. Oh my gosh...I so know what you mean. The blogging...sometimes wanting to sit down and just spill your guts, be it ugly, sad, discouraged, angry, frustrated...whatever. I actually did write a post once when I felt frustrated about the commercialism of Christmas. It was good to get those feeling down and I found that people agreed with me, even if I did sound cranky or cynical...LOL. It is refreshing to read about someone's true feelings or someone's bad day...because then we feel like we are not alone...we can see that it's not just us that have frustrations or have bad days or can't make a decision on a bottle of cleaner in under 20 minutes! Ha Ha...I totally do the same thing!!! Or what about purchasing canned goods..I've gotta check out the whole can to make sure there's no dents, or why does the top of this can look more sucked down than the other cans, or does this can look swollen, is there botulism in this can that's going to kill my whole family, oh can be exhausting, right???? LOL, what is wrong with me?? It always cracks me up when I'm taking so long to pick out something and someone walks by and picks up a can of carrots without even looking at it and tosses it in their shopping cart...probably denting it...oh my, no, I can't have that! Ya, I wish I could be like that too!


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