Monday, September 26, 2011

an update on my crazy busy life

i have 83 days till I graduate, and yes, I'm counting down the days and weeks. I took my first exam of 4 for my cirtical care nursing class that I was stressed beyond measure about and couldn't be happier about it. I am also taking a sociology class which is somewhat interesting, but it's only 100 level class and it's pretty general. So general that I got a 100% on the first exam and am thankful for finally having a class that doesn't require blood, sweat, and tears to pass like nursing does (and that's no an exaggeration ha!)

I still love my job and all is great in that department.

The girls are doing great and Raigan even tried out Riley's school for a day last week, and I want to kick myself for only snapping one picture of it on my iPhone that is blurry to boot. She loved it, and it wore her out as she was still sleeping when I went to pick them up. God love her. Laying there on a her cot while everyone else had moved on from nap hour to enjoy snack time she was dreaming it up.

Yesterday I went to put her blanket in the washing machine because it was swarming with gnats kinda dirty (this is an exaggeration) she cried the entire washing/drying durration. I affectionatly refer to her as Linus now.

Riley asks to go to school everyday of the week, but not to her liking she attendings pre school Monday through Thrusday. I hope her love for school continues and continues to grow. She is still doing ballet and cheerleading but has requested to start tumbling again, and I have to remind her that the world will start turning again in 83 days and maybe we can start that again then.

As I was grocery shopping last night with a grumpy toddler and her very well behaved little sister, I searched our local Kroger up and down the isles for some canned pumpkin. After coming out empty handed, I finally asked the manager and he tells me that the company making it had a bad crop for the past few years and that part of their factory burned down. What? I thought he was joking, but apparently not. I found it at another store and bought an over indulgent amount of it, and spent my Sunday even forcing it into every recipe I could find. I made a pumpkin cheesecake that could save the world it's so good. I'll have to post some pictures of it, and hold myself to that!

It feels like October already, even though there are a few days left of September, but I'm so excited that it's fall. When I get home today I plan on pulling out my tote of fall decore and buying 10 more pumpkin candles to spread around the house. We plan on going apple picking Friday afternoon, and packing as many pumpkin patches into the weekends of October as it is humanly possible, because I love pumpkin patch pictures.

December is going to be a very busy month for us as well. Raigan turns 2, I graduate, it's my brother in law's birthday, and then there's Jesus' birthday in there. I love it.

I'm looking forward to all of it, and most importantly I'm enjoying our journey to get there. Don't ask me to be this positive a day before an exam though, becuase I may appear to be quite the opposite.

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