Monday, January 30, 2012

Raigan's 2nd Birthday Party

It has taken me a week, but here are pictures from my daughter Raigan's fabulous farm birthday party. I planned pretty much all year long for this party here and there. I found things here and there on clearance and my mom found things at thrift stores and church sales for super cheap. I recycled a lot of food containers and party bins from previous parties and pulled stuff from my cookout tote I keep in our garage. I bought some fabric, splurged on some cowboy hat and bandana party favors from oriental trading, crafted a little bit, and viola; a fabulous memory for our family, friends, and most importantly my little Raigan. If you can't remember I'll remind her with these pictures.

Raigan's Vegetable Garden (missing it's label)

"Horse Treats"


  1. You have to be the BEST party planner ever! It looks great!


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