Monday, May 28, 2012


I have been reading Reachel Meyer's blog for a while now. I think she is fabulous and some of her favorite posts of mine are her yard sale ones. She posts about her yard sale finds in her hometown. I have to admit that last weekend could have been the first time I've been to a yard sale in my adult life (unless I'm blanking on a time-which very well may be possible). I used to think yard sales were a form of punishment when I was little and my mom used to drag me to them all the time.

After reading Reachel's blog though I thought, hmm there may actually be some good finds out there. My neighbor was having a yard sale and we walked down, and I think I may have gotten hooked.The next Saturday morning I woke up, called my mom and downloaded an app on my phone that tells you through gps where all the yard sales are.Woo. I went out both Saturday and Sunday mornings and went to a good handful of sales, including a community sale with many stops. I usually never try not to buy anything unless I know I will use it and is relatively practical. I found some really great finds. So here we go.


Brand new fabulous sandals for my little Raigan in her size.


Brand new with the tag sandals for my little Riley that fit her perfectly. I was so excited about these and so was Riley!


Books for my girls.


A picture frame that I've been meaning to buy to put some of Riley's artwork in to display.


An American Flag pair of Keds that fit me perfectly.



Love these- my size!


Brand new with the tags Old Navy bathing suit for Riley


Bathing suit for Raigan.


Outfit, and Old Navy tank top and skirt in Raigan's size.


Almost couldn't believe this one. A New York and Co maxi dress in my size for a quarter.


A brand new pair of Nikes in the box for Raigan for school this fall. They are one size too big on her now, and I'm sure they will fit her in a few months. So excited about these too!


Brand new. I have been eyeing these for Riley at Target, but didn't want to pay full price and when I saw these I would have plowed through the crowed to get them if I had to...


Bored games that my girls love. I'm not totally sure about the whole Bratz thing, but we'll see how to the game works out.


Shoes for Raigan.




Old Navy pants for me in my size.


20 pieces of clothing mostly in Raigan's size and one size up.


Sweatshirt and sweatpants (not pictured, but look the same)

Total: $45.75

A steal for all the things I brought home.

I think I have found myself another summer hobby.

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