Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Girls: Riley & Raigan

These are my two little girls: Riley and Raigan.

Riley is now 5 years old.

She is about ready to graduate from pre-school.

 She is super outgoing and very strong willed.

I have been reminded and assured at every dentist appointment that she has ever had that she will need braces in her future.

 According to her eye doctor she has perfect vision.

She protests every morning to me putting her hair up and prefers to wear it down with a bow or headband.

She has recently reached the epiphany that regardless of how much she makes a fuss she still has to make her bed in the mornings.

She could watch Barbie and a Fashion Fairy Tale on repeat all day if I let her.

She does very well at an online typing game and even knows how to keep her fingers on the "home row keys."

She reads very impressively.

With no assistance or influence from me she has developed a sarcastic quip about her.

She knows an impressive amount of French words for a 5 year old.

She is obsessed with Monster High dolls and has no concept of money still. Even through extensive talks and demonstrations she still thinks the money in her piggy bank (~$3 in change) equates to the $50 it costs to buy the Beach Monster High doll set with all of the Monster High characters.

She is very excited about our upcoming trip to the ocean in a few weeks and continues to tell me we need to start packing.

Her next birthday party theme: mermaids. 

Ragian is now 2 years old.

She has just started pre school.

She used to be the most quiet laid back baby in the world, but is now a very loud toddler.

According to her pediatric dentist we are jinxing ourselves by saying that she has nearly the closest to perfect teeth he has ever seen and she will not need braces. I'm sure a few years things will change and I will need a second job to pay for 2 kids in braces.

Raigan has no seen an eye doctor yet, but I'm sure her eyes work just fine, but I'm a little worried about her ears at times...

Her pulmonologist is hopeful about our little girls lungs and we are going off her inhaled steroids and don't have to see him again for another 9 months! Which is nice because our copay for pediatric specialist is more than I would pay for a pair of shoes, and that says something. 

When my little sugar lump awakes in the morning she tells me her eyes are broken and refuses to open them for a good while because she, unlike her older sister, loves to sleep.

She has not reached the epiphany of having to make her bed and plays the "I baby" card, when we all know very well that if you call her a baby she protests with a "I not baby, I big girl!" and is more than capable to pulling her blanket up and putting her pillows in the correct spot to make her bed. Girls... they know how to get what they want.

Raigan loves to watch Caliou.

She sleeps with little twin babies that she has named Boo Boo and Brother, but sometimes Brother's name is Jake and she is very offended if you think otherwise, even though sometimes he is named otherwise.

Raigan surprisingly remembers much about Hilton Head Island and knows what the ocean is and she wants to see mermaids there.

Her next birthday party theme: Tea for Three.

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