Thursday, August 23, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Wow. We are actually here. I've given this day a lot of thought, but it came faster than it should have. Our first born is running with the big kids. She's a grade school-er now. I wanted to make her first day really special, so daddy and I took off work and we went to have breakfast at our favorite little coffee shop. Riley's choice was a large white doughnut and orange fruit smoothie.

I of course made her pose for a slew of first day of kindergarten pictures and she was very happy to oblige.
The theme of her classroom is owl, so we ran with it and got her an owl backpack, lunchbox, and pouch.

This is her, "Uh, Mom. I'm not really too sure about all this" face, which really surprised me. It took a little bit of effort for me to trade days at work so I could be there for her first day, and when telling people at work, I said she probably could care less that I'll be there, she'll just march right in there and own the place like she normally does and that being there was probably more for me than it was for her. Then this morning came, and she was very reserved and hit behind her dad while I embarrassed  (and had fun doing so!) myself and did the ToodieTa with her class. She did this song/dance in preschool and was never embarrassed by it, but I guess Kindergarten made her too cool. I think things fell into place though after we left, because she talked all morning about how she loved it.

She is so funny, when I was writing this post she asked how I took those pictures and in a suspicious voice said, "MOM! Did you take pictures through the window!?" and I laughed and replied, "Not this time." She knows me too well and my crazy antics to be the sentimental mom that I am.

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