Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Traditions

I think everyone that lives in an area of the country that offers crisp fall October days cannot deny that this season is for them. It has so much to offer and is full of fall traditions for my little family.We love fall church festivals, winning inflatable sharks, and taking naps snuggling them. When I came in to check on her at nap and she was legitimately snuggling this thing and sleeping; it cracked me up.

 I love that with each season there is a fresh start to things. A fresh new weather pattern to experience, new routines, new ways to spend our days and weekends, and the city never fails to deliver. There are always festivals, new restaurants to try, farms with pumpkin patches to visit, and even our favorite familiar places to revisit over and over.

I hope my children never outgrow loving to get their faces painted, and I don't think they will. That's our "go-to/ gotta make sure we hit up that booth" at every festival.

I think it's so important to ingrain certain things into my children's minds: the importance of our family, traditions, and enjoying the little things in life together.

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