Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fun Life

Once upon a time this summer I was in an airport on my way to Savannah, Georgia for one of my best friend's bachlorette weekends. Sometimes I feel like I'm making stories up because my life is really fun sometimes and I never thought I would get to fly to the south to hang with my friends. But I'm not making it up. It really happened.

 Our group of friends on  a haunted pub tour in Savannah, Ga.

So I'm in this airport and I go to get through security and they ask me if I'm 16. I giggle- and then realize that they are being serious. (I am assuming that there is a rule that if you are under 16 you have to be escorted to your flight?) Which makes me laugh even more and I proceed to show them my ID that I am not underage and my bag falls over on the security conveyer belt and out falls novelty things for a bachelorette party- I blush- and then out flops a copy of 50 Shades of Gray that I had intended to read on the plane.

 One of my besties and Bride to Be on Tybee Island.

I am eager as ever to show them that I'm actually 25 and make a point that they see my wedding rings in an attempt to convince them that I'm not some kind of weirdo. I soon come to realization that I am a weirdo and no longer care because I was pumped as every for a fun weekend with my friends.

I have been trying to read 50 Shades since that weekend.

 The "Lets see how awkward all of us can stand for a group beach picture" picture.

I never read it on the plane, because I can't start a book while I am in the middle of the other, and I was trying to finish the one that I was in the middle of, which I did. While we were on the beach though one of my friends swiped my copy and has had it until this weekend.

My family joining me in Savannah before we enjoyed a lovely week on HHI. 

Our family has had an end of the summer cold with fevers and ear aches and general malaise. I was not immune and spent most of the weekend sleeping, trying to recover, and reading. I finally got to read the book, and the feminist in my did not like it, but out of sheer boredom of being sick laying in bed I even read the second book, which got a little better.

Other than being sick this weekend-which killed our apple pickin' plans, we had our follow up with Raigan's pulmonologist. We spent far too much time in the office as a previous client had, as he put it, had a very interesting situation going on" I normally would pry for information on the medical drama, since I'm normally into that stuff, but I was too exhausted from being locked in a very small exam room with two little girls that did not want to sit still, were interested in touching and nearly breaking everything in the room, and when they weren't doing that they were fighting with one another.

I image this is a form of torture in some places of the world.

Dr. Pulmonologist and I collectively decided to take the very conservative route with my little's lungs, because they have been doing so well all summer and we'll keep a very close eye on things. 

The girls have had cheerleading and our big competition is coming up very soon here in a few weeks.This will be Raigan's first, and even though she is only 2 we're really excited about her getting to experience the fun of it to whatever the ability she can.

Kindergarten is quite the learning curve, and not even for Riley, for me. I had corresponded with her teacher more than once this week because this stuff is complicated. I just want to do my best to help her succeed because she is a very bright little girl and I think we finally got things squared away. We are well on our way to a successful school year, it's just so crazy to me that we are already heading into our 4th week of the school year. I'm always surprised though how fast time moves once you have children.

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