Thursday, May 2, 2013


To write and write well, you just have to start writing. I have been away from this blog for awhile and I'm not sure why, because I have missed it a lot. I need a place in my life to document all the ridiculousness that I experience; like at the grocery when my child asks me in the deli section around a handful of people if I pooped her out or if they had to cut my belly open, or the ridiculousness at my work that I would love to share if I wasn't terrified of being sued over HIPPA because some of the experiences I have one cannot even make them up.

A very wise man, Ernest Hemingway, once said that to overcome writers block, "All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know."

I want to be a fabulous mother that fills her children's memories full of fun, smiles, laughter, and a slew of life experiences.

That's the truest sentence I know, and that's what I miss from not blogging the past few months. I of course have been finding ways to make our lives fun and having fun experiences with my family, but don't have one place to look back and read about the memories to remind me and to look at the photos that brings me back to that moment in time.

Tomorrow we plan on going to the zoo. One of my favorite places in our city. I plan to take 500 million pictures and capture the smiles of my girls next to blooming spring flowers and little wee zoo babies and post them here so I never forget and my girls never forget wonder days like that.

Plus somehow these kids have grown up on me and I just need to be paying closer attention to it all. 

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