Monday, April 15, 2013

The Root Beer Stand II

If you will remember, we visited the Root Beer Stand before, Raigan was just a wee little one and my photography skills were way better. I'm slackin' that department of life at the current moment, but hope to practice my skills on a more regular basis again. 

But we went and I documented it none the less, even if some may have been with my iPhone. I also added to the repertoire by throwing in a fun spur of the moment trip to Sharron Woods. God bless my husband for always being supportive and go with the flow to my crazy ideas for our adventures.

Our day started out in this fashion which is always promising; the girls are getting along, clean, dressed, have hair accessories. This is way above some day's standards.

The Root Beer Stand is awesome because it has kegs? barrels? large amounts of homemade creamy root beer and the best root beer floats known to man.

They have a large play structure in the back for the kids to play on.

After we stuffed our bellies with root beer, ice cream, and chilli dogs we rode right up the street to Sharon Woods and rented a petal boats spur of the moment on this beautiful spring day. You can find info about boat rental in Sharon Woods here.

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