Monday, June 3, 2013


So... I get these ideas in my mind of fun adventures and things to do with my girls. Sometimes I romanticize them and get this picture of a beautiful summer evening of stargazing in my head. We are laying on a quilt, the quilt that my kids will remember as the constant of their childhood, and we will look at stars and planets and enjoy the breeze of a June Saturday night in a state park.

But then reality sets in and the storm clouds roll in:

About an hour north of Cincinnati there is a park that stays open till 11pm and is far enough outside of the city lights that makes it optimal for looking a the sky (when it's clear skies of course). Stonelick Park offers free stargazing every Saturday with help from the Cincinnati Observatory. You can find information here:

The clouds gave break enough for us to enjoy our bucket of chicken under a shelter and to explore the park, lake, and beach a little.

We will try again and have that romantic night under the stars that I had envisioned another Saturday, but this was a fun memory none the less.

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