Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm in love!

Hub and I were struggling to remember everything to take to the pool. Our girls are young, which requires a parent to be prepared. Extra clothes, regular diapers, swim diapers, snacks, pool toys, sunscreen, sunhats, I could go on all day, but I think you get the idea. So, I wanted to buy them pool bags, I searched, and this is what I found from MK's Monogramming on Main Street in Covington. I'm in love. The font of them is playful, and I of course love all things girly and pink.

It has worked too, to keep us organized, prepared, and lets us enjoy the pool a little more.

1 comment:

  1. Those bags are adorable! I remember the days of getting ready to go to the pool or beach with very young children. It is definately a lot of work! We went to the pool today, and the only thing we needed was sunblock, and goggles, and the kids each had their towel over their shoulders...and that was it. Whew! But I know how you feel...I have been there a million times and once you finally get to the pool, it is worth it!


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