Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sawyer Point

I'm always looking for things to do with my girls. I often get on the internet and act as though I'm vacationing to the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Area. Those sites, the travel ones, have great ideas that I would have never thought of otherwise. I have lived here my whole life, and I'm surprised that I haven't been to or even heard of a lot of these places. 

Sawyer Point isn't one of those newly discovered parks for me. I went there as a child and played on the serpentine wall (I neglected to get a picture of this, but will for another post). I even went on a field trip when I was in the fifth grade that I will forever remember. We took a tour of Riverfront Stadium, the Red's old stadium, and then spent the afternoon eating lunch and playing down at Sawyer Point. 

I want my girls to have those memories too. 

We went down sometime last week, I must be getting old, because I honestly have no idea what day it was that we went. My friend Jamie and her little girl Monica joined us, and with the exception of me not being able to find Riley for 30 seconds (the looooongest 30 seconds of my life!) we had a lot of fun. They have sand volleyball courts that Riley loves to play in.

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  1. i like your idea about researching the area as if you were visiting and finding new places to check out. I have done that as well. The county that we live in, is a little boring (it is rural and beautiful though!)...but...the next county over (which is a 10 minute drive) has a ton of things to do because it includes the city of Pittsburgh. We don't get down town too often, but when we do, our kids love it!!


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