Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Beautiful Busy Week

After writing and posting the last post I wrote I realized I've written that post over and over again. It's a recurrent fear of mine I suppose. I have made a point to soak it all in this past week. On my way home from work one day this past week when the weather was perfect I made point pulling into my subdivision to notice that everyone was out enjoying the weather. The neighborhood  sidewalks were filled with bike riders, people walking their dogs, and kids giggling and playing.

I took a deep breath in and told myself to remember it. To remember everyone enjoying themselves, the fresh cut grass smell of spring, and the beautiful pink and orange sky where the sun was setting.

I was beating myself up there for a short while that I wasn't doing enough fun things with my girls, being my really motivated self, and taking care of things. This week though I stepped up. In fact, I think I kicked butt!
Raigan had her follow up appointment with her Pulmonologist, both girls had their dentist appointment, and Riley had a full eye exam for her to start kindergarten in the fall. I worked 43 hours, took my girls to Sawyer Point, coached cheerleading clinics in the evenings with my girls, went shopping for summer clothes for my girls that Raigan really needed because Riley's hand me downs are still a little too big for her, and hubby and I FINALLY painted our bedroom. I feel like myself.

Of course this week didn't come with struggles, as it always does, but I focused on the good before it all changed to something else. There is one changed that came this weekend

When my husband and I bought our home a few years ago we painted the bedrooms before moving in.  I picked out this great green color that I thought would create a nice Spa Zen feel. We start to paint and it looked neon-like, but I thought it would dry darker and we finished painting the room because we had so much left to do and move our things in and clean our townhouse, so we just went with it. It turned out a pastel/neon Easter egg green, definitely not zen and I've pretended to like it ever since. 

It was such a relief to get our room painted, I have had blue painters tape on the trims for months and months now. I had gotten a few samples and tried patches on the walls and we really didn't like them, so they stayed on the walls for probably a month now looking terrible.

It is such a challenge to photograph wall color and have it look how it actually looks, but take my word, the new color is way better than the green. The color we used is Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore. I started to panic a little because the color was so white when we painted, but it dried just the way I pictured it! No horrible pastel green to live with for years to come.

Not only did we paint, but we super deep cleaned our room and while I'm sitting here typing this blog post, I feel so relaxed to know that everything is super clean.

 Hopefully this next week will be just as successful, but maybe a little slower paced, but if it's not, I'll be just as pleased with it.

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