Monday, June 11, 2012

Checking 'em off

So even though summer officially starts June 20, it has unofficially started for us. Riley graduated from preschool, we spent a week on our favorite island, and have gone out for ice cream more times than one can count using their hands. We are making way with our summer bucket list and are checking em off left and right. We made root beer floats and played in the drive way one of these summer evenings, and I discovered after being with my husband for nearly 10 years that he does not like root beer. I wonder how that one slipped by. That, or I just don't pay enough attention to those kind of things. So I made him a orange float with orange soda.

Here are my supplies:

1. Extra wide straws
2. Tall summer tumblers (you can use any 'ole cup or glass, I just used this as an excuse to buy plastic ware- one of my many obsessions)
3. Vanilla ice cream
4. Rootbeer
5. An ice cream scooper (not pictured)

Viola! and boy did we enjoy them.


We also accomplished Spa Day and my girls call it going to the Mommy Salon and Spa. They're cute.

We hit up our local Walgreens and Big Lots for cheap supplies. We very well may have had just as much fun shopping for supplies as we did doing the spa part. My kids have found a new found love for Big Lots and all that it has to offer.

Here are my supplies:

1. A mani/pedi set with emery board, a stone, and separators for each of the girls
2. Sea Salt bath salts
3. A face mask
4. The girls each got to pick out a color of nail polish
5. Head bands to keep our hair back
6. An aloe and cucumber bar of soap
7. Turban towels for hair
8. Tea candles (not pictured)
9. Cucumber slices (not pictured)

In the middle of the day I filled a bath with warm water and sea salt, lit some candles, had a fire safety talk, turned the lights out, and told the girls at the Spa we just relax and are quiet. My girls soaked in the tub for a good while. So fun.

We got our hair all twirled up and got ready for facials. It's was really cute how much these girls got into it and love being girly girls.

My new weapon for a half an hour of quiet time: facials. I told them that at the Spa your relax and are quiet and still. They loved it and laid so still and quiet for at least 15 minutes.

Then we cleaned their toes and got pedicures.


We also hit up the Northside Farmers Market, but it was kind of a bust. We live a little while's away and of course the night we decided to go there was a huge wreck. No one was hurt, just huge spools of metal fell off of a semi and into all lanes and it took hours to clean up. By the time we made it there taking alternative routes it was half an hour before close and most booths were packing up and not many vegetables were left. We ended up in Clifton for dinner and ate at the Skyline Chili I used to work at back in the day. It was a fun evening and maybe we will try again for the Farmer's Market again.

I love summer time. I hope you all are enjoying it as much as we are!

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