Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stream of Consciouness

I miss the good ole days of blogging instead of studying or writing a paper. I have a test at 8am and I'm doing this as a break from studying. I've been thinking a lot about Grad School lately and what it is that I would go back for. I even looked at the entrance requirements for law school. It'd be really cool if I could just be a stay at home mama.

We are moving right a long with our bucket list, but the girls have been pretty bad the past few evenings, so it's not really a good teaching lesson for them to scream and be mean and then let them do fun activities. Life is always a balance isn't it?

Cheerleading season is getting ready to start in a few weeks and 4th of July is right around the corner. Time is still going as fast as ever.

This weekend was one of the most fun weekends of my life. One of my best friends got married and I got to be apart of all the beauty and love. We stayed the night in this beautiful Manor and site of the wedding in Winchester, Ky and I got to spend the whole weekend celebrating the marriage of two of my best friends with all of my other best friends. A girl couldn't ask for more.  The quality of the pictures aren't great because most of them were taken with iPhone and I stole them off Facebook, but they do the job.

I have chosen the themes for Riley and Raigan's next birthday parties and have been looking around town for seashells and mermaids and tea cups. Any ideas for a Tea Party or a Mermaid Party would be much appreciated.

I'm already excited for this weekend to come and it's only Tuesday. I had a rough case of the Mondays today, even though it was Tuesday.

I only work a few hours tomorrow and I plan on taking my kids somewhere fun, but who knows what.

Our best friends bought Riley and Raigan a lemonade stand and the idea is totally getting out of control. I can't wait till it comes to fruition and I can take photos so my family can tell me how overboard I go on things. That's the funnest part of life and being an adult, overboard is totally up to you.


  1. I love your blog!

    I do birthday parties and my favorite theme would have to be the beach theme, where I do wear a mermaid costume. As an activity I have a large bin of sand that the kids dig in to find seashells and put them in pails as party of their favor. You may even want to have the kids paint them with watercolors as an activity or you could have them make necklaces. I also have a water table station filled with buckets and shovels....all to make it feel like you're at the beach, which is usually a hit for the younger crowd. For decorations, I stick to the natural tones (blues, browns, whites) and use burlap for the table setting to make it look a little more "sand like." You may want to add an element of jewels to assimilate a "buried treasure" with a splash of cool colored "seaquins" ;). You may want to utilize goldfish or Swedish fish for snacks. I also love the idea of candy sushi with a fruit snack in the middle of a rice crispy treat wrapped in a fruit roll-up. All of this sounds fun, but I'm not really sure what Mermaids eat so it might be weird to you haha. You can stick with the tea portion, but you may also want to try some goblet cups which kind of tie in well with the mermaid feel.


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