Monday, June 25, 2012


The area that we live in has Catcholic churches and United Dairy Farmers on nearly ever corner. That's how people give directions around here.

 Turn left at St. Johns, make a right at the UDF and when you pass St. Thomas go another block and you'll be there.

That also means that in the summer time there are church festivals almost every weekend and who doesn't love a church festival?

They even had Plinko!

And this really fun homemade game where you race your golf balls down the tubes and planks and whomever gets three of their colors in a row first wins.

Bubbles have been on our summer bucket list too. So is chalk, even though it's a staple to our afternoons/early evenings that we spend in the driveway.

Sometimes I feel guilty because I don't make every single day great and go somewhere and do something that really stands out and makes memories. But then here recently I realized that blowing bubbles in our driveway is just as important as the really special days with trips places and discovering new sites. I've realized too that I'm definitely way too hard on myself. I push myself more than anyone else does. After working 3 12 hour shifts in a row it's okay to let the girls watch a Madeline video a few times over while I just rest and recover. Not everyday has to be packed full and accomplished. Although resting is accomplishing something important too. Summer time is all about rest and relaxation anyway.

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