Friday, July 13, 2012


I read somewhere highly intellectual (probably Pinterest) that the secret to a happy life is to live simply and have low expectations. So when I read one of those quotes, I thought, "Oh, man. I've had it wrong all along." I suppose things would be easier if you lowered your expectations and you would be satisfied because your goals would easily be met, but it's just not me or who I am. I've been trying to look at things from different perspectives lately.

This new point of view came to me this week when I started night shift, definitely a new perspective on life, and also when I was searching for a tv remote. Our cable is cruel and our TV has been stuck on Nickelodeon for over a week now because you cannot change the channel without the remote.So as I was searching high and low, I laid down on my bedroom floor to think about life and it's meaning. I'm already aware how weird I am if that's what you're thinking at this point. I thought, instead of being upset that I can't find this remote anywhere. I should just enjoy the moment. Enjoy that I have the luxury of TV (when I can find the remote) and that I have a beautiful home that I get to search around. I just changed my perspective and lowered my expectations.

The lowering my expectation part is a little rough for me though. I'm a do-er, a go getter, and like Rachael Berry's character on the Fox hit TV show Glee I want things to much. There has to be at least one other Gleek in the blogosphere that reads my blog. :) I am going to continue to try to see things from different perspectives though. Like my little Raigan at nap time, I would have never noticed a little character in her chin had I not looked at her a different way than usual.

This child bring so much joy to my life. I know I say that all the time, but really I just love her and how precious she is. My girls love their LaLa Loopsy Dolls fiercely.

I would have never found this library book had I not found new spots in my house to lay on the floor and look at my house a different way.

And  I would have never found this rainbow. I have an affinity for rainbows. I have decided that I also need more rainbows in my life. 

A pile to pick up? Or a plethora of one of my favorite thing; little girls shoes. If you're wondering, that's my Raigan girl's giant cow on the left.

  With my new perspective I gathered my littles and a best friend and we took ourselves to the matinee showing of Brave.

They were so excited that they weren't even willing to wait for their ole' mama either. They were on a mission.

I do not frequent the movies often anymore, but I did take note for the next time to pack my purse with candy and juice boxes, because I almost couldn't justify spending $4 on a box of Starburst until Riley was jumping up and down telling me how excited she was to see the movie and be getting them. Slushies the size of Raigan were also purchased.

I think it's taboo to take pictures in a movie theatre and for fear of them thinking I was apart of a movie piracy conspiracy I just snapped this picture of the girls without worrying about my camera settings. It's so import to me to capture things like these.

 I do sometimes ask people to take a picture of me too because I want the girls to know that I was there and not always just the lady behind the lens. All three of these pictures made me chuckle because we were all blinded by the sunlight after emerging from a dark theatre.

It's going to be a good weekend. My girls are going to their first Cincinnati Reds game this Saturday and I'm sure it will be filled with many more adventures. I love summertime.

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