Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Washington Park

When I was in high school, I used to know exactly who I was. I was a minority, but I knew exactly what my plan was in life. I knew my morals, and interests, and was totally comfortable with the person I was. It's weird how things change in different seasons for people. Now that I've achieved a good majority of those goals I set for myself in high school and my interests have changed I'm not really sure what's next. Do I think we will live in the suburbs? Or even in the same city? Who knows. The endless opportunities of the future excites me though. We can do anything and go anywhere really. We have been talking a little more about selling our home and getting an apartment downtown and living an urban lifestyle for a little while. When we were downtown at Washington Park it validated a little bit more of why we would want our family to have this life experience.

The city of Cincinnati has been throwing money into projects around left and right. There are so many new things and renovations happening and the city is definitely showing  more and more promise.

I have loved being downtown ever since I was little. I have memories of my mom taking me to Newberrys and getting photos in a photo booth. We would visit these Christian bookstores and I always enjoyed being down there. I would beg my parents every Christmas to take me down to see the Christmas train display at Cinergy, now Duke Energy, a family tradition of my own families now. We would go to Riverfront Stadium to see the Reds play and play at Sawyer Poinit. I have even had two jobs downtown and loved the hustle bustle of it all.

I love that a lot of my girls childhood memories are the same as mine and involve the city.

Washington Park:

The backdrop of this park is Music Hall, it's beautifully amazing. 

The park has fountains that are lit with colors and sometimes coordinates to classical music that you can choose on an app on your phone. I have not experienced it, but it sounds fantastically futuristic. You can read about it in an article found here.

You can somewhat see a stage in the center background of this photo. This is where they play music and have movies projected on the weekends in a huge field of beautiful green grass.

When we first arrived at the park Riley was really hesitant to get wet because she had on one of her favorite shirts, but I packed her a change of clothes and she agreed to have fun. Silly girl, it is crazy how much she is like me. It didn't take long before she was running through the fountains and laughing with new friends.

The girls are so funny because usually I'm packed with everything when we go out, but since we kind of impromtly went to this park the only I threw in my bag was my camera and a change of clothes for them in case they did get in the water. They promptly asked when we got there where their bathing suits were and what snacks and food I brought. I'm not always super prepared I guess, but I'm glad my kids think of me to be.

An even cooler part about the park trumps your average park is the amazing backdrop to this park. That's the Kroger building in the background and beautiful apartment buildings of Over the Rhine. The city is definitely shaping up nicely. 

The play structures at this new park are pretty impressive too. They have boats, castles, and AstroTurf mounds my girls pretended to the queens of.

I give this park a 10/10 and would suggest anyone to visit. has information about events and things at the park.

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