Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Root Beer Stand

Last week, or well I guess it was this week, being that it's still Saturday and all, a bunch of us went to a place in Cincinnati that I have only heard tales of. I have been wanting to see if it could be true for the longest time, really a place that makes homemade root beer?

It was true and it was wonderful.

It truly is a stand, very small and cozy inside with a counter and only about 20 of these stools around it. There is seating outside on picnic tables, but we choose to go with the nostalgia of it all and sit inside. Apparently, the Root Beer Stand is the place to be and they take the stand part of their name very seriously, as we had to stand and wait for a place to sit for awhile. haha

The wait was well worth it though for the creamy goodness that was their homemade root beer. It tasted almost like drinking a cream soda flooded with vanilla.

They sell footlongs and burgers, popcorn, and few other menu items. They also make homemade lemonade and orange soda, and you can of course get a root beer float.

These are my nephews and niece, unfortunatly Riley missed out on the Root Beer Stand because she was hanging out with her other cousin for the day, but she has reminded me that she missed out on it more than once, so we'll of course have to go back, twist my arm...

Raigan's faces as of late have been cracking me up, she gives me these when she doesn't want me to photograph her, I'm assuming, because she doesn't tell me. There are times when this 1 1/2 year old will say, "No picture!" So I just click away the cuteness unless she tells me otherwise.

If you live in the Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, this place is a must try, especially if you have little ones. Classic stands like this are hard to come by, and home made root beer is too.

It's located in Sharonville right off I-275.

Here is their website for more details:

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