Saturday, January 29, 2011

Desperate Housewife

I'm definitely not a housewife. Although, I desperately wish I could be.

I'm a cook in the making doing some on the job training, if you will.

After my turkey incident, I nearly put away my cooking stuff and threw in the dishtowel.  But. I had turkey left over! and I put too much energy into it to not use it.

I attempted to make these sandwiches and I think they turned out pretty darn well for a first time broiler.

I took some pieces of whole grain bread and tried to broil them, but this was after I had to call my dad to find out what it meant to broil something. Who knew there was a heating unit in my oven that wasn't the oven?

Have some pity on me, I'm only 23... I should be eating ramin noodles in a dorm room somewhere finishing my masters, but I chose to take a little different path in life and I couldn't be happier!

Back to these sandwiches.... I broiled the bread but only got the crust to get crusty, but persevered anyway. I threw some spinach leaves (I love spinach leaves) on, sliced some tomato (I try to convince myself daily that I like tomato, but I really don't), avocado (I love avocado)....

I think I may have used too much, but at least avocado is a health fat right?

Used up the turkey I had left over...

Put a slice of colby jack on top...

and broiled it for a few seconds. If I could figure out how to get this method of cooking to be consistent with all three sandwiches it would be golden. Fast, efficient, and the sandwiches were mouth watering good, even with crusty crusts and normal bread like centers. 

Perhaps I'll try these again sometime soon, but buy precooked turkey next time. haha

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  1. Hey, you did great! I love that you put avocado on the sandwich! Looks like a great combination to me. I would definitley eat that up!


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