Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Weekend

We were in Baltimore, Maryland this weekend and while there we visited their Childrens Museum,  

I was very impressed. 

They have a wide variety of exhibits that were all very engaging and educational and they had this huge jungle gym-tree house- climbing thing that went up three floors. Brandon and I even climbed in it with our girls and all four of us had a wonderful time.

I am really into nutrition and educating Riley and Raigan about healthy eating. Port discovery had this awesome exhibit that made making healthy food choices so fun.

I wish Riley’s preschool could go on a field trip there! I mean it’s only 9 hours away…

They have a play store set up to shop for foods, you checked out, and then categorized the foods you purchased into their respective food groups.

They had healthy eating tips for parents and kids. 

They had the typical water play exhibit like they do at all other children’s museums and Raigan enjoyed standing there playing in the stream. Although this exhibit was generic they did have this really cool HUGE bubble maker. Riley and I got a pretty good one going before she just couldn’t take the anticipation anymore and kicked it.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the huge room filled with drums too. Raigan is not walking yet but she cruises along almost anything. She is just not at all interested at walking yet, which I can’t really blame her since she has whomever she wants carry her. She is a super fast crawler too so she just sees no need I guess.

Super fast drummer too. 

These last two photos are darker because we were in an Egyptian tomb where we could do hieroglyphics.

I could go on and on about this place. If you are in the Baltimore area it’s for sure worth it to stop by. We spent literally hours there and I’m so glad we did.


  1. The picture of Raiggers with the drumsticks cracks me up. She takes the funniest pictures and Riley always looks super fetching. What photogentic kiddos you have!


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