Saturday, January 8, 2011

A List... not to be confused wtih "A" List

1. Tomorrow is my babies 1st birthday party. I'm pretty excited about it but also a little nervous for everything to come together.

2. I went to lunch today with my girl friends at a Thai restaurant. It was so overdue and I made me realize even more so that I desperately need to spend more time with them. 

3. It snowed for about 5 minutes in Cincinnati during rush hour that resulted in a 3.5 hour drive home in traffic. People were driving like it was a blizzard and the snow wasn't even accumulating.

4. My husband went to a concert tonight that I got him tickets for as one of his Christmas gifts.

5. I started work in an ICU at a hospital in the area.

6. Spring semester starts Monday and I need a longer break, but I'm excited to see all the nursing girls again.

7. I somehow racked up a $50 library fine at the University library. I wasn't even sure that was possible, but apparently it is.

8. I have finally realized how expensive life is and have come to grips with it. I will be teaching my daughters that a good chunk of your money goes to taxes and insurances.

9. We tried out last week as a one car family and I have to say, I LOVED IT! I think Brandon did too, because he said more than once, "this really isn't so bad." I loved waking up in the morning and having someone drive me around spending the mornings together commuting as a family. It forced Bran to go into to work an hour early and get off an hour earlier which was really nice.

10. I've been thinking an awful lot about what I would like out of life as a whole. It always comes back to love, and I get to experience a lot of that day to day, which is a really beautiful thing.

11. The other day I experienced a family dealing with unpleasant circumstances. The mother (I'm assuming) was crying and the daughter (again, assuming) reached out for her mother's hand and at the moment they embraced each other all I could think about was wanting to be holding my camera and capturing such a beautiful moment. I think when people are experiencing times of adversity and choose to embrace it, pull together, and make it into a positive is one of the most beautiful processes of life. I just wanted to capture that in a photograph.

12. I am officially over winter and ready to open my windows and let the cool spring breeze in. I only have a few months to go...

13. Get ready for the longest 1st Birthday Party post tomorrow night after Raiggie's party!!


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