Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham Strawberries

About a million years ago when we had cable I was watching Paula Dean on The Food Network and she was cooking with her niece and nephew or grand kids or whomever they were... it was a long time ago okay? and she made them green eggs and ham! So I thought I would try it out, but every time I have thought about it sense it's after the eggs are already almost cooked and I'm scrambling (pun intended) to find the food coloring! and by the time I do, it's too late.

But not the other day!

well... sort of...

I thought, oh no! I forgot to add the blue food coloring again!! So I rushed for the food coloring, got it, and instead of 2 drops of blue to the yellow eggs to make green, I panicked and added about 10 just in case the eggs cooked before I could add anymore. So I guess they are more like blue-green eggs, but Riley and Raigan both loved them and ate them all up.

Fun and easy breakfast!

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