Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Decor Junkie

I have many vices, luckily all of them are legal.

I'm addicted to the following:

little girl hair bows
halmark ornaments
party supplies

the list could continue for forever, but I'll spare you.

Another thing I am addicted to in love with is fall decor. Fall decor just softens the blow that winter is approaching, days are getting shorter, and it's getting to be coat wearing weather.

I feel smothered when I wear coats, I'm weird, I know.

I asked Hub to bring up my orange fall decor tote from the garage and was so excited to find a big ole candle I bought a few years ago that was a mix of all the amazing fall scents. 

I have been super busy and unable to pull out our fall stuff and that candle but have been smelling it for a few weeks now. So I go to find it...

After sifting through the tote and coming up empty handed, I realized it had melted into such a deformed shape last year that I decided it had met it's end and threw it out. Our house smells... but it's surely not pumpkin spice. 

Don't worry, I'll be out tomorrow buying one. Or one for each room.


  1. I love fall! We put out our decorations this weekend too. So fun!

  2. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I decorated the 2nd weekend in September. I just could not wait!!

  3. My fall decor is up, has been for about a week now...but now I am ready to add in a little bit of Halloween. My Halloween stuff is very cutesy..ghosties, jack o lanterns, smiling skeletons...stuff like that. No blood and gory. I'm sure my boys would like that though!


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