Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Raigan is now 10! Months Old!

If we are being totally accurate she is 10 months old and 3 days. When did my newborn turn into a 10 month old? Yesterday she was a tiny little 6 lbs thing, and now she's crawling!

Even though she is very content if you just set her down somewhere and usually only crawls to get something she wants, she's not too much into exploring yet. She did just start crawling for real just a few days ago though, so in due time.

Raiggie has only 4 teeth, two totally in on the bottom, and the two on top slowly coming through. She does not like me taking pictures of her teeth either, just in case you were wondering. This is the only photograph I have where she's not giving me an evil stare or screaming her head off. She'll thank me for recording this historical event later in her life.

She can pull herself up as well and especially likes to do so on the tub while I'm in the shower and just need her to play with the loads of toys I put in front of her for 5 minutes so I can just wash my hair.

She is becoming much more interested in toys (except when I'm trying to shower) and will no longer just sit still and allow me to photograph her.

She even yells at me for doing so like her sister! haha

She enjoys blogging on her laptop just like her mama.

Fights with her sister.

And is the love of my life!

Happy 10 Month Birthday Raigan! I can hardly believe you're growing up on me this fast!

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  1. She is just the prettiest baby ever. They are so cuddly and yummy at that age! This post makes me miss the days when my boys were that age!


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