Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last spring my cousin's wife that lives down the street asked me if I wanted to start a garden. I thought she was nuts (sorry if you read here Liz :). I loved her idea and really wish I could have, but I had a newborn and was in full swing of a semester of nursing classes. The last thing I needed was another things to take care of.

But this year?

Since life has slowed down quite a bit, Raigan is 15 months old and the newness of being a mother to two has drastically worn off, I'm taking it on.

I did get a little carried away at the store when picking out seeds and bought pretty much every variety of everything:

I was so unsure of when to plant the seeds because the weather is so unpredictable around these parts. I waited until two weeks ago, thinking and reading on the package that they would take 7-14 days to sprout. Well here they are 3 days later:

You should see them now! (I don't have a picture... yet) They must be super seeds or I'm just the armature gardener that I am and don't know any better. I didn't think they would be so large so fast. I hope the night weather around here continues, because they will soon be too big for these little cells I thought would be there home for a few weeks, at least.

I'll be satisfied even if one little fruit or vegetable is produced in our garden. The real thing that I hope to take home from this is that our children can see where our food truly comes from and the process that it takes. So wish me luck!

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