Thursday, March 3, 2011

Raigan Is Making Progress!

Although Raigan has only taken maybe 3 real steps without assistance, she has mastered standing. To see how proud she is of herself written all over her face just warms my heart. Riley started walking the day after her first birthday and I think it's normal to compare the first child to others, but Raiggie is definitely one of her own. I'm sure it will be any day now, but until then I'm going to savor every little last baby bit she'll let me. Although she is not walking her vocabulary continues to explode. She now says, "got to go, got to go!" haha funny how kids pick up on things...

Raigan and Riley both are so in love with water and swimming. Brandon took the girls swimming one day this week so I could take a desperately needed nap and when he asked if they were ready to go to Silverlake (our community center) Raigan came barreling down the hall saying "Go! Go! Go!" and even turned to her sister and said, "Sissy, Go!"

I'm so in love with this little 14 month old that some days I think I could just kiss her little cheek off!

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