Saturday, March 12, 2011

My spring break ends today since I have to work all weekend.

I'm having a yard sale this morning and I'm even selling my copy of this:

how appropriate right? I just want to have what we need and I'd rather have peace of mind than all this stuff. Sometimes I say we either need a bigger house or less stuff, but our house is plenty big, so I'm getting rid of some of the stuff. I think it really does bring peace when you aren't smothered in junk all the time.

My husband took the girls up to swim lessons while I man the sale, which is dead at the moment. I'm so thankful for him and how much he helps with the house and the girls. He's a great guy.

Yesterday we went to the museum and I did buy a tree to plant. We lived life yesterday and soaked it all in. I soaked in all the smiles, laughs, kisses, and the sunshine. Boy, did I soak the sunshine in. I wish it would stay and never go away.

I forgot a stroller or a baby carrier and since Raigan still isn't walking on her own yet I had to carried her all day. I love getting to snuggle her all day when she wasn't playing in the sand, but my arms are extra sore today.

We explored the cave that they have in the science museum and Riley was terrified of it for whatever reason.

She investigated some rocks and kept telling me that she wants to be a Paleontologist, a pretty impressive word for a 4 year old I think.

We had a great day! and today will be great too!


  1. That last photo is so beautiful!!!!!

  2. I have two little girls too, so much fun!! Love your blog! ;)


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