Sunday, June 12, 2011

Making a point

There are things I strive to do and to be better at, and last week I made a point to leave my camera where it was accessible and pick it up all throughout the day. So the other day when my girlies were playing dress up to attend a ball at the palace, and were running up and down the hallways, I may have missed all the madness, had my camera not been sitting out, fully charged, with an empty SD card in it.

I'm not sure why I fool myself at the end of every semester that things will slow down and life will be a normal pace, in contrast to the chaotic pace that happens during the school year. Things don't slow down and there aren't less things to do, just different ones. I feel like in the chaos of my little ones rushing down the hallway trying to make it to their imaginary ball is so fleeting.

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