Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the post in which I tell you how I feel about camping

Preface: This post may seem like I'm a Negative Nancy, but I'm not, and I had an awesome weekend getaway with my Husband. 

This weekend my husband and I spent a lot of time doing this:

(I spent a lot of time riding along.)
To get to here:

We stayed here:

Which may be comical for some people because I do not camp. I am not a camper. I enjoy air conditioning, nice sheets, bug free zones, and internet access. I also feel as though it's an injustice to ask this of people:

Ok, I'm pretty much kidding about it being an injustice part...but it did suck when I was halfway through my shower, had only brought one quarter, had legs covered in shaving cream, the water stopped, and I had to problem solve. What would one do in such a predicament?

I'm glad you asked. 
(I love blogging partially because you can talk to yourself, answer questions, and it's totally acceptable)

Well I first had the thought of just calling my husband, because of course I brought my phone, but not extra quarters. I'm glad I brought the necessary things to the shower rooms. So he would be my prince charming and bring me a quarter and I would just finish up my shower and go on about my day. Until I realized that it probably wouldn't be acceptable for him to enter the woman's bathroom and walk to the back where the showers were to hand me a quarter through the shower stall. So then I let out a big sigh. 

After the sigh and my little wallow in self pity, I wrapped myself into a towel and finished shaving my legs in one of the sinks without shame, grabbed my toiletries, and went on about my day.

Needless to say next time we will not be intentionally camping. The drastic climate changes from night to day may be bliss for others. Sleeping  on a borrowed air mattress that won't stay inflated and being one with nature (or in our case the camping neighbors in their pop-up with thick and loud New Jersey accents and their 5 loud children with thick and loud New Jersey accents) might be the perfect criteria for a fun weekend getaway for others. For me, it is not. 

All jokes aside, these little hiccups were just a small portion of my great weekend and if I had to camp all over again to spend the weekend away with my Husband I would do it again and again. We needed it and I can't wait to tell you about the really fun parts. Right now though, I need to sleep because I have to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow and will be going to the Kenny Chesney concert if I can scrape the last bit of my energy up and make it.

Really, is there anyone out there that enjoys camping?

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  1. I like the sleeping in a tent side of camping (if the weather is fine). I HATE, HATE, HATE the campground toilets and showers, thus I don't camp (in campgrounds) if I can avoid it. But to add a slightly strange twist I don't mind washing up in a stream, and using a long-drop toilet while camping in the bush. Maybe it's just the wet campground bathroom floors and fungal feet diseases that I don't like ... lol


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