Friday, June 3, 2011

The Taste of Cincinnati

Our city is known for it's German heritage and is refereed to Porkopolis. We have the flying pig marathon and pig statues with different themes are sprinkled throughout the city. We have Cincinnati chili and Goetta, a sausage that contains oats, and Graeter's Ice Cream. and once a year all the great on Labor Day weekend all the great food of Cincinnati comes out for the Taste of Cincinnati. Booth are set up from local restaurants and they offer appetizer portions of their famous meals, so you could sample many different types of fare.

Cincinnati is also known as P&G country, notice the airbrush body art sponsored by Schick and the sample of Kroger Select ice cream Riley is holding:

Little Raiggie marched right up next to her big sister without encouragement from anyone and stuck her arm out, because she was going to make sure that she got an airbrush tattoo as well.

We took pictures with German themed cutouts, even though we're Irish, it's still fun.

What's even more fun, is that Raigan looks very appropriate in this picture, like it could be her body in real life haha and I love how her face reads, "Mom, I'm only 17 months old, do you think I really need that whole pint of beer?"

We munched on corn on the cob and listened to live music:

I love that Riley ate, because she hardly does (and for all photo geeks, I love the shallow depth of field in this one, don't you?)

One of my favorite parts of the taste is that downtown shuts down and they slap rides right in between the sky scrapers.

We snuggled up next to the couple hundred foot Charmin toilet paper bear haha:

Hugged smerfs:

We rode spinning cup rides: (they look miserable in some of these pictures haha but I promise they were having a really fun time!)

Raigan driving a car with a tattoo on her arm, I hope this isn't a glimps into the near future haha:

We played in fun houses:

And we ate gourmet mac and cheese, baklava, and walked away with a bigger bag of cotton candy than our baby:

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  1. Oh, I'll bet your girls LOVED those rides and fun houses! I love the Smurf...I used to watch Smurfs cartoons on Saturday morning back in the way olden days when I was a kid! The photo with the beer stein is hilarious! and cute! And by the way...I am a sucker for cotton candy!!! To me, it's the best thing you can buy at the fair or amusement park!


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