Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 3 Stooges

This is my brother in law Mark, caught off guard.

This is my goofy husband, Brandon, caught off guard.

This is my goofy husband, Brandon and his best friend Simon, who's actual name is Joey and lives next door to us (this post just got complicated), not caught off guard.

Let me tell you something funny about my hub and his bestie.

They usually match (case and point in the picture above) and sometimes I wonder if they call or text each other to let each other know what the other is wearing. haha

They have been friends for years and he is Riley's Godfather.

For mother's day he gave me the most obnoxious card know to mothers; an audio one with pictures of kids in the car getting food all over and when you open it it says "MMmmoooOOOooooooooMMMMmMMMmMMMM.!" Riley loves to leave it open for forever.

They both love the Reds and I am very thankful that my husband has such a great guy as his best friend and that our girls have their Uncle Mimen as Raigan likes to call him.

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